Selling Minty pickaxe

Are we allowed to sell the codes minty pickaxes? The ones I have are legit from gamestop and will give u the pickaxe immediately after you redeem it, not the fake ones around

It is forbidden

Damn :confused: how so tho? Others sell codes of bundles and vbucks?

but people sell Save the world items, and other stuff which is illegal, how is that allowed??
Minty Pickaxe codes were released today in USA GameStops.

But the codes aren’t leaked anymore, they got released bro, no? in Gamestop, today

I am not a bro. You can ask moderators about it if you want to know it completely.

sorry for saying “bro”. I intended to be polite. Sorry once again

Well damn, he got criticized for being friendly. :confused:


Hello bilal_abuali,

If the codes are indeed legit (not the leaked ones, or the ones you can find by googling it), then feel free to sell it.

@yousafzafar Which items do you mean? Can you give me an example?

Yes I can 100% guarantee they r legit (my 2 friends and I have the pickaxes now in lockers)

like cs go skins and etc