Minty Pickaxe for Sale :)

Hey Guys!
I recently went to my local Game stop where i knew the manager. I bought all of the Fortnite Keychains he had and he gave me a Minty Pickaxe code for each one i bought. I have the actual cards for proof. I would like to sell them each for $20.

Jealous… The stores in Canada are soooooo by the book and only managed to get at most 2 from one store.

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Don’t understand why anyone would pay $40 when you can go to any local gamestop spend $10.01 or more and get a code. Target stores now have unlimited codes now as well. This is a form of hustling I don’t approve of. But that’s just me.

Then don’t participate?

Trust me I won’t and I hope others don’t as well. I’ll always call out/look out for the other fellow gamers on here which is my ideal of GameFlip. Rant over. Have a good day :sunglasses::+1:

Wait wut… Target has UNLIMITED codes?

You for real… if so I may need to go on a across the border trip

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All retailers ran out of codes yesterday so i have no idea where your info comes from but its false.

False you say? Hmm that’s funny as I was just at my local Target not even 6 hours ago with friends and we all got codes. They are not out everywhere atleast at my store they are not. It runs till the 16th even has it on the fine print on shelve. Plus I don’t consider Happy Power on Youtube false info. Anyways nice try :v:

Not all places have them the same, some gamestops arent even doing the promotion, and the shady gamestops on long island dont like to say much so they can break out with as much as they can to get sell online. Its a complete ■■■■ fest. I actually walked up to a employee who had a stack of mintys, counted out about 20, and jus walked away. TBH its only right. if some kid whos been docile on a desk for the last 20 years wants to come out and try to bogard minty cards, yeah i have problem taking it right infront of his face.
Enough of the nonsense, but the main problem is the scummy employees keeping the, or giving them to there kids and they sell them by bulks of 60-100 online. Gamestop wasnt a good palce to promote the whole thing, there employees are corrupt and scummy as ■■■■. One gamestop near me tells people they ran out like 1 day after, turns out the employees just took them all. Thats the reality of gamestop.

Seriously if u see a kid with a stack of the, waking out, take one. wtf is he gunna do. he most likely took them himself, and if he wants to call the police that i took his scatch off candy cane card, let him.