I had some LEGIT Minty Pickaxe code

I bought some Minty Pickaxe code’s from a guy.
I sold a couple, and they were all legit and working.

And I suddenly got banned with notification saying “Selling leaked codes”.

I wasn’t told they’re leaked codes. How am I going to fix this? I can just refund and stop selling the codes. I didn’t know they were leaked. Please help out.

@DarkKnight @MajorTom

And I got scammed for Minty Pickaxe code’s 5 days ago. I bought a couple to sell. I sold to 3-4 ppl. And as soon as I was told they’re fake “Random Loot Reward”, I asked and refunded the people as well myself. And stopped selling those “Random Loot Reward”.

Today I got legit codes, and I got banned for that?! I wasn’t told about this. I wasn’t aware they’re leaked or not allowed.

I’m a seller with 2977 Ratings, 0 bad ratings. I comply with every rule. I’ve only made a mistake, and I can surely refund the people.

And I have about $200 in my account too

@MajorTom @DarkKnight

Please help out, thank you

Please help out, I will Ofcourse not sell them now that I know.

Moreover I refund anyone always if they ask.

When I was scammed into buying some Minty axe codes, and when I later found out they’re “Random Loot Rewards”, I quickly texted the buyers.
I personally gave the money back by guiding people to make a listing and then I bought their listings to pay the people back for the “Random Loot” code’s I sold when I was unaware of them being fake.

@MajorTom @DarkKnight

It’s a complete mistake and I was not aware these are leaked codes

I’m extremely dependent on gameflip, I’m a student and this helps my bills and food. Please help me out, I’ve been on gameflip since February and have always complied with every rule that I’ve know, and have helped people and have actively reported malicious and false content too.

Thank you, hoping for your response

Hello yousafzafar,

Can you DM me your invite code or any information registered on your Gameflip account?

Hi sir, I am new to gameflip. I just wanted to say that are we ok to sell Minty axe codes??
Because I got some from GameStop today. They have been released in USA, as scheduled on 31st October / 6th November.

They havent been released in Germany or Canada though.

So I am just wondering, am I allowed to sell legit Minty axes now that they are released in USA?

Hello exyfying,

As I mentioned in another topic, If the codes are indeed legit (not the leaked ones, or the ones you can find by googling it), then feel free to sell it.

But how can I prove to Gameflip that the codes aren’t the leaked ones? Even tho if they are working and legit Minty Pick axe and are not “Random Loot”

@MajorTom cuz my codes actually give minty axe

Hello @exyfying!

In this case, you could inform the information that it is not “Random Loot” inside the listing and just to make sure, you could also send the picture of the Minty Pickaxe card with the code, during the delivery of the purchased code.

God Speed! :trident:

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