New Seller that is Scamming People - Plz Ban

Hi, I was just looking up the latest posting and saw a bunch of Minty Pickaxe Codes come up for $10 to $15 and thought to myself… wow those seem too cheap to be real.

On the guys profile, he already has 10 positive ratings but every rating is the buyer saying something along the lines of “Now i’m, just waiting for my code”.

Obviously this person is telling them to complete the transaction and Rate to receive the code in the mail. Scamming people

Profile: MasterCheep Shop

Here is a screenshot of profile and first two ratings

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Also just curious… in this type of situation is it possible for you guys @ Gameflip to force a refund to the Buyers who have been tricked into completing the transaction or are they dead in the water?

Feel bad for the innocent kids looking for a good deal that just don’t know any better

if they caught them before they withdrew the money they do but if they don’t they will not refund them

@DarkKnight @MajorTom

Ah ok, There are so many suspicious new Seller accounts being created and spamming more Minty Pickaxe codes its nuts. Another one just opened after I made this… can’t confirm scamming yet but it looks super suspicious…

They created and immediately listed 5x Minty, 5x Wonder and 5x Honor which I think is limit for new accounts… 15 sales… all underpriced based on market too…

as there new accounts there scammes success is soo low as even when the sell is done they will have to wait for day before the money is available to use or withdrew so they will mostly got banned and money refunded

He is got another page up now:

@DarkKnight @MajorTom

He made a new profile and is back at it

My scammer sense is tingling… I bet my money on this guy telling people to confirm purchase to receive code in email in the auto delivery box… Let’s see what happens

I hate scammers, it effects my business as a code seller. People usually scroll past me because of the auto delivery, thinking it’s just a confirm first. I have to put “this isn’t confirm first” just to get sales.

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What are you trying to say with that?

you know :wink: and i k now

No I really don’t


Thanks for reporting this. Those accounts have already been banned on the same day they were created.

Feel free to report it whenever you find more cases like this.