Minty Scammer (buyer)

Hello everyone, happy holidays. Just want to put this out there for you guys that sell Minty codes to be aware. This buyer purchased a code from me, after getting his account verified, I sent him the code. Few minutes later he says “the code was used” as all scammers do. I know my codes are all legit and unused because I purchased the Fortnite items, received the codes, and scratched them off myself to sell. Sold several of them without any issue (except for buyers never completing & rating) He proceeds to says “You have over 2,000 ratings so I know you wouldn’t send a used code, maybe I will email epic” ; I tell him, do as you wish but I can guarantee without a doubt the legitimacy of my codes. That was 19hrs ago, he hasn’t escalated the issue or anything so he’s clearly lying. Best part of the story? He’s now selling Minty Codes on his own Gameflip page. Lmao the audacity right? I’ve included his profile link incase anyone else wants to block him :relieved: willing to bet he’s selling the same code I sent him :rofl:
•274ZYC My Profile Code•

@MajorTom @DarkKnight Might want to take a look into this buyer, definitely attempting to scam

Hello THC_Mod.Shop,

Thanks for letting us know. We will further check this.


check pm bro :call_me_hand:

He’s now opened a dispute. I’ve requested he provide full video proof of him entering the code and it not working (which I know for a fact he won’t have because the code was working)
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Didn’t receive anything from you…


Just to clear things up I was not trying to scam. The code genuinely did not work which I figured was a fluke on epics part as I’ve heard codes sometimes don’t work and can be bugged (very rare however). Given your feedback rating I figured I could just contact epic games to get the code to work. In the time waiting for a response from epic I purchased a few other codes from different sellers. One of which I used for myself, the others were codes I used to list those Pickaxe codes for sale. In the meantime I had people come and comment that I was scamming. Not wanting to deal with this I ended the dispute I filed with you and even removed my listings as it seems like my credibility wouldn’t be good to sell them anyways.

All in all I did not want for this to blow up as it did and given the dispute was canceled, I am honestly just taking this as a loss on my part as you and I both don’t need any conflicts.

You purchased codes from other sellers but still have a zero feedback score. Lol likely story. Also as I told you in messages, if you have more than one account (which most people do) you could easily email epic in regards to the account which doesn’t have the pickaxe. I could do the same thing right now, doesn’t prove you aren’t lying bud. Anyways, enjoy your pickaxe :slightly_smiling_face:

I honestly can see it doesn’t look good from your perspective and you’re right I can’t prove it at this point I guess but why would I come here commenting trying to clear things up if I was trying to scam? I even canceled the dispute because I’d rather lose $30 than deal with headaches and ruin someone’s feedback over something out of both of our control. No need to always try and see the worst in people when I was just trying to make things good between us by trying to explain the situation as it seems like it’s way out of context. Moving on from this and I hope you can too.

If this was your intention you could’ve easily messaged me back on Gameflip to settle it there. You opened a dispute and never said anything after that. Anyways Happy Holidays to you.