Got suspended for nothing please help

Inv code R9MGTM pls help and is how long suspended?? Plss

my account also got suspended but I cannot login. The moderator replied asking me to PM him the invite code but I cannot login so I cannot check it. I really would love if my account got unbanned. I miss selling :frowning:

Does anyone know if u can withdraw when ur account is susspended?

You can’t when you are suspened.

Is suspended forever or a limitd time?

Depends, for this you should contact support.

I did but they dont respond worst service ever

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İk right they littrereally answered and said whaats. Ur code and then littereally canceled comments 1 min after…

I’ve sent you a PM regarding your suspension.

Mate can i cashout and then i leave u guys code L5RK2C

My account got suspended after selling 3/4 of my inventory for about $500 then get hit with a random ban to make gameflip money? I been selling for a bit on there now and so has my brother.