Have the mods given up?

Hello there.

Ever since the PUBG flood destroyed the Steam Gaming category, I used this Forum more often. By that I mean that I just skipped through 20 pages in the Steam game category, without finding a single game.

Thats how I noticed that there are tons of people with problems here. Most of them relate to account suspension or scam. When you scroll through all of that you rarely find replies by mods. If you’re lucky one of the members tried to help raise awareness or help with the problem, but since none of them have any permissions they aren’t able to help either.

That’s why I’m wondering, have the mods given up? I think there are only 2 mods in total, which is pretty crazy when you look at the growth of the page. But if it gets too much for you, please get more mods.

Please, feel free to use this thread to link to your currently still open problem. If we manage to list them all in one place, maybe that’ll help in a way. Looking forward to what you guys think.
Have a good week! :slight_smile:

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Just let us know if there is any plans to clear Steam games category at all, or we should look for another place to sell our stuff.

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Let me know if you find another place, I’d be up for it by now.

This is the third or fourth topic that I saw about the same subject.

I already answered you guys about this within another topic.

If we could have less equal/same subject topics, the answers’d come faster.

Thank you.