What's wrong with the Steam Games!?

From past few hours massively discounted steam games are being sold!
I don’t see any bundle promotions either.
Anyone has any idea what’s going on??
Resident Evil 2 for $10?
DMC 5 for $10?

I saw it. Keep in mind those 2 sellers are new users, so exercise a bit of caution.
To be clear: I’m in no way saying they’re scammers, I’m just saying it is a bit odd that they came selling games cheaper than even the RU/CIS most shady sites that I know about.
Last night I asked one of them if they were so cheap because they were CD keys that he had (which is no problem at all), but he never answered me.

Edit: but the bigger part of me really wants them to be legit sellers that keep on selling here for a long time because I would certainly buy from them in the future (when they have enough time of selling here and the first redeemed keys have not been revoked).

It cant be true. Most likely this is the withdrawal of money from stolen cards or paypal accounts.
These keys will be revoked after some time.
You ANYWHERE not to buy any of these games for such a cost, even from an official publisher, I worked with them and know what I’m talking about.
The cheapest regionfree version of DMC 5 on gameplay costs $45, they sell it for $10.
Obviously there is only one goal, sell as quickly as possible, as much as possible and disappear.
I think many will lose their money if nothing happens.

But why only those 5 games?
Only Fallout 4, Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry 5, PUBG, Total War Three Kingdoms.
Why not some other recent hits like Sekiro or Plague Tale?
I mean, Fallout 4 is too old and they know it won’t sell as quick as sekiro right?

I dont know, but you must agree that these prices cant be real.

yes, but I’m very eager to know the real truth

I really hope this doesn’t blow up, otherwise it’s gonna be a huge mess. I’ve just seen a user that already bought for cheaper and resold the key on Gameflip and made a profit. I bet the mods will keep a close look at this, tough. Not very common to have someone suddenly selling great games for cheap in a brand new user profile.

hmm… I hope nothing bad happens to all those people who got baited :frowning:

It pretty much looks like some previous sellers whose keys were revoked after few days (happened few months ago and a year ago). I hope I’m wrong. There is also huge alarm in his profile description:

“what is missing as soon as I am online I will reset everything that is missing”

Not sure what does it mean, but I don’t like it.

My friend bought from this seller Rage 2 for Bethesda net
Finally code is invalid

So it means your friends code is revoked. Tell him to better claim a refund than a replacement. Because even if he got replacement today, it may get revoked later

We think too. It is very suspicious