Concerns about a suspicious seller

Lately I’ve been seeing a certain seller dominate the game keys section and as a curious person I did some investigations on this person and I found some disturbing evidence that leads me to think the person behind this account is not as honest as he says he is.

This is the seller. Nothing seems too dodgy, all seems fine. However, on the bio he states he owns a physical store but I did my research and there’s absolutely no store named “Absolutely Insane Project”. He also states there are no negative reviews even though 4 people weren’t happy with his services. And last but not least, he claims he sold 300,000 games in “other places”. Now that’s a little vague. If he can’t direct us to those places, then did he truly sell 300000 games?

Notice the last bit in his bio on Mexicano it’s the exact same as the bio of Absolutely Insane. However, the ratings on this account are way worse, buyers complain they never got their keys or the delivery was slow. This all is giving me the impression this user ditched Mexicano to hide the fact his buyers weren’t too happy with him.

I dug a little deeper and I found out this person gets his keys from and He finds deals, or cheap games, and charges more for them on Gameflip. Notice how the item description matches the one on Cdkeys

I don’t know this guy, and maybe I shouldn’t judge too much, but the evidence I collected points towards a shady seller who lies in his description and gets his keys from game sites and sells them for a couple $ more.