Another seller of random/unidentified items

This one on top of being negligent on his rule reading is also pretty rude: he basically told me to f*** off and then blocked me after I warned him that selling random/unidentified items could get his account suspended/banned.
I was helping the dude prevent his account from being suspended and he acted like I was an enemy… and still kept selling his random items.

@DunnBiscuit would you be so kind to pay him a visit?

Seller profile:

There is also this other seller that won’t stop adding more random steam keys for sale, in case it’s still irregular (
I’ve been seen this guy doing this the whole past week - even sale spamming his random keys - and nothing was done, so I’m starting to believe that this is now permitted. Is it? @op_JOkEr

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Regarding the offensive behavior, do you have any screenshot of that?

I can help you further then.

I warned the seller and removed the random listings you reported.
So it isn’t allowed.

Thank you for resolving the issue. Unfortunately I don’t have a screenshot of the guy’s reply (I wasn’t really expecting that kind of behavior, and he deleted the item in which I commented warning him that selling random items was prohibited).
Also thanks for clarifying it still isn’t allowed.
Hope you have a good week, mate.