Hello everyone I`m new and found this site on youtube ads

Hi everyone, My name is Behzad (a Persian name that means “best born” lol!). I have an 8 years old account on Xbox live, its my main platform for gaming (Im not a fan, Just prefer XBL) and my Gamertag is: TipsyAgent 47
Im working with Unity engine to create Mobile games that focused on Iranian app stores as a freelancer, However, Im looking forward to selling my Xbox Gifts, Digital Games and subscriptions on this site but there is a little problem and it is my ratio that equals to 0.

I listed my stuff here: https://gameflip.com/profile/us-east-1:d98167a3-2f2f-418b-ae3f-b2980574e4ab
about one week ago and just updated with a lower price but nobody interested.
Could you guys show me a way to boost my ratio or something?


Hey! Welcome to Gameflip.

Unfortunately there is no way of boosting your ratings. But you can great good ads and list your items at a good price.

This will call customers to your listings, also, answer them regularly. This will help sell your listings and then your ratings will go up.


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Yeah, thanks for your tips.
I`ve got two feedbacks until now:)