Hello! I'm a new Gameflipp member

I’m new to Gameflipp! Just joined a few weeks ago. Loving it so far and can’t wait to start selling and buying!

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Welcome to the community @mrkimusprime! Glad to have you a part of Gameflip, and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or issues. :smiley:

Hey welcome to gameflip! Glad you made it and even better glad you found the forum as it can be gold!

Glad to see that your liking the app so far. And we all hope you stay and buy and sell as well as most others on here such as myself.

Hope to see you as a future buyer of mine or maybe I’ll even buy something of yours.

Remember your on the forum now if you have any questions or anything let us know and you’ll get a reply pretty quick within 1-2 days from someone.

Also the best sections to check is the I’m looking to buy and I’m selling sections for items that aren’t yet listed. Anyways enjoy yourself!

Hi I just bought the division from Lazer Games and I didn’t receive my $12 credit?

Have you rated and completed the transaction? If you have, please contact support and they can look into your account to see what’s going on and get the Credits issued to you!

Another common issue is that you may of bought something first during the promo and it was canceled for whatever reason. If this was the case the promo is ultimately tied to the very first purchase you made and won’t reset if it does get canceled.