Help - cannot open new account

My partner’s account has been locked due to investigation of charge backs (which, with all honesty, he instructed the bank to NOT to and they did not process refund at this point) against a scam seller. Gameflip has also decided to side with the buyer now although the account is locked. Not sure he will ever get this account back.

With all that said, I am trying to open my own account, using my own identity (but same address). Just so that I can continue buying - but it’s banned….

I hope GF don’t have to ban the entire family just because We freaked out a bit on a $600 scam… it’s a large balance….

Would anyone be able to please help?


Thank you very much!

Hello @Rebecca_L,

Sorry for the wait.

Could you please provide me the invite code on the account so I can tale a look?

Also, keep in mind that if a ban was received, related accounts are not allowed to be created until the ban is lifted.

Godspeed! :trident:

This is solved. Thanks!

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