My account is banned, please help me open it

-I’m a gameflip seller, I do not understand why my account is banned, many of my products are open to disputes from a person, most of the disputes are from China, My code is very good, I think they are scamming me, the issues are not resolved and my account is banned, please help me, I am an honest seller
-Name Selle: TrungNoober
-Login ID:vutrangia2
-My Code: DWUTPQ
-Thank you support

Check you email address, there is an email from support about your suspension.

Also if you want more details create a ticket Here

I made a mistake when selling twitch accounts, i promise i will not repeat, please help me unlock my account, i want to continue to sell, i am an honest seller, please help me, thank you

selling accounts is against gameflips terms im glad youre banned for it

I do not know that, if I knew I thought I should not do that, I’m a salesman selling PUBG codes

Those are Prohibited-and-counterfeited-items

I know now, but my account is still blocked for 30 days

You are lucky then… Sometimes Gameflip suspend accounts permanently… Be careful next time. Do not create another account, wait for your suspension to expire.

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okey, thank you support , i know

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