Please unblock my account

I received my account in the morning was disabled

Please allow me to introduce myself :We are multinational code providers. We mainly sell PUBG Fortress or other code. Of course our main business is the supplier. We sell the code in bulk. We noticed that the account was banned. Of course, you may not understand why. You are free to close your business without sending an email

Of course, I have to answer the reason why you were banned. We sell products outside of gameflip: we sell products primarily in China, Japan, the US and Europe, with monthly revenues in excess of $200,000. We are mainly engaged in gameflip retail games** G2 * kun * a ** ka *** sales, here I follow the rules. I don’t place pages on other sites, so we created a separate channel for each site. We have a lot of orders every day, I don’t know what the reason for your ban is.

I hope that you take this issue seriously. My gameflip sales this month was about $10,000, and we paid 10%. You posted a new website design, so you blocked our company account. Of course, we are also the supplier of fortite merchants in the gameflip list. Some gameflip merchants buy from us.

So let’s explore the solution. 1: You think we should suffer this correction. OK, I think you can let us have the right to log in. We will go back to our automatic shipping code and get back the money from the account. You can view it. They are 100% legal and safe, the customer gives us friendly feedback, we transfer all the business, we sell in many countries, it is difficult to accept the account closed without any notice 2: You can view our All the information is deciding your default, you have acknowledged the sales expenses, and recently added the withdrawal fee. Sorry, why don’t you plan to have fraudulent scams every day, do not handle manual shipments of random segments, they are displayed automatically. Delivery below, free pricing but can cancel orders and not send, causing market confusion

@MajorTom @DarkKnight help PZ The goods that are automatically removed will cost us a lot of money.

Check my Code: 9VYMA8

I also got banned with 1k today

Hello fun33,

I can see the suspension was already lifted and you can now log in on your account. It looks like you’ve received a warning on 11/09 asking you to remove any personal information from your “About” section.

@timidwinters Can you tell me your invite code, so I can further check it?

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How do I find my invite code I have this

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