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I have been using this site since 2015 and never had any issue. Recently I have been getting an error message saying “Unable to access Facebook SDK. NOTE: Private browsing may block Facebook.” Keep in mind I’m not using private browsing. I’ve tried Google Chrome, Firefox and Edge with no luck. I have deleted cookies and the cache with no luck. I’ve also contacted customer support 3 time and they aren’t responding. If anyone can help please do.

If you are running an adblocker try disabling that. I had the issue previously and I’m pretty sure that was the fix.

Had same problem
Just change your browser
For example opera

The reason is that the Facebook SDK was not loaded or blocked. If it’s not loaded, you can try refreshing to see if it helps. If it’s blocked, it could be private browsing, ad blocker, or some other privacy add-on you have.

Does it work if you use your phone’s web browser to sign in to Gameflip with Facebook?

On your desktop/laptop browser, could you please right click on the Gameflip website and click “Inspect”, it will open the “DevTools” window. Reload the site and please screenshot the “Console” tab of the DevTools window. Use a paint program to cover up any personal information in that screenshot.

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It will work when I use safari on my iPhone. Firefox won’t work even on my phone. I don’t have an ad block on my phone. I honestly can’t remember if I have an ad block on my computer. I will have to check when I get home.

I think the new Firefox update automatically blocks Facebook when user is not on their site:

While privacy is important, this aggressive blocking likely causes disruption to apps that use Facebook login.

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