help me !!! my Account Suspended ..

it is a mistake is my Account.
i never been sell the steam random key again now
the system give me account a rate for a order . but that order was sold on September。。
i have never sell the steam random key again… but the system thought I sold it before 。
my account is suspended…
so please check my account
in my account
i have 1200 rate. and it have 170$… this is all my money
so … please help me
help me

my shop is AngelShop

So you sold random steam keys before and then when Gameflip took it down and said you can’t sell them, you stopped, but you still got suspended?

i think that account no longer suspended. because about an hour ago, i see he sell pubg crate

Hey @AngelWing, please send me your invite code via PM so I can help you further.


it is ok now.