Hi Gameflip Community!

Hi everyone!

I’m Jullian, or jyuriann, and I’m part of the Gameflip team with @op_JOkEr @BurTheFly and @linhtropy.

Playing video games has always been a part of my childhood and it makes up a big part of who I am today. I got started by playing console games like Dynasty Warriors, Pokemon, Street Fighter, Kingdom Hearts, and so much more. I even started playing PC games like Cute Knight, Ragnorak, and Silk Road! From there, games kinda took control and the next thing I know it… I’m here trying to be part of the industry I love! Right now, I’m playing games like AkibaStrip, Minecraft, FFX/X-2 HD Remaster, and Elder Scrolls Online. I’m not too active as I was before (for various life reasons), but I try~

:sparkles: At heart, I’m a total geek. :sparkles: If I’m not playing games, you can catch me watching anime, going on tumblr, cosplaying, and (if I can) attending conventions. :point_right: :sunglasses: :point_right: Catch me at PAX Prime in Seattle this August!

I’m really excited to be part of Gameflip and its community! If ya’ll up for a discussion, I’m down to talk about anything.

Unitl then, PEACE :ok_hand:



Nice to meet you Jullian!

That’s really awesome you mention Kingdom Hearts actually, because that was the first game that I really invested myself in when I was younger. I grew up on SNES and N64 games that were given to my family,but in 2000 my world changed when I realized that video games could have a real story to them rather then just “save the princess” (pun intended).

Kingdom Hearts was the highlight of my childhood next to Dynasty Warriors lol. Every time I hear just any songs from that game I get the feels for it.

And yes, definitely to the storyline! It just makes everything better and I get more attached that way. I like fighting games too, but I get really competitive and salty when I lose haha.

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