What's up Gameflip?!

Hi I’m Matheus, op_jOkEr and I’m part of Gameflip staff. I do a bit of everything on the Operations side, don’t we all? @BurTheFly @linhtropy @jyuriann

I work with games since 2011 and I’ve been playing stuff before Lazor Raptors were extinct. Nowadays I play mostly console games, but I’ve been a competitive PC gamer over a decade ago, earning some tips on games like Counter Strike, Diablo II and Team Fortress. Series like Uncharted, Metal Gear, Smash Bros., FIFA, Call of Duty, Mortal Kombat and Ultima are definitely among my all time favorites.

I’m very excited to be part of the Gameflip Team and Community. I truly believe in this idea’s potential to bring REAL POWER to the gamers. Btw, just sold a nice Shadow of Mordor for the XONE and bought a Joker POP! figure.

Feel free to reach out to me or anyone at Gameflip Team.



lmaoo hi Matheus. :wave:

Nice to meet you JOkEr! Is the joker pop figure that you just got the one in your little picture do-dad?

And you said you do competitive gaming for the PC (or at least that you used to anyway), what kind of captive? Like as in just small cons (or larger functions for cons?) or were you a complete MLG kind of person?

Smaller stuff in the most part. On Team Fortress, I had the chance to play 2 seasons of the now extinct Brazilian National TF League (yes, I’m from Brazil). It was something well organized between around 20 clans, with forums and website, but nothing close to MLG.

What about yourself? Played anything competitively?


Not really no, sometimes guild events from some games that the AJSA (Angry Joe Show Army) puts up on steam, but I’m not active on any real events. I’d love to be active though, but I don’t have the time to do it as of yet (the eternal killer of gaming lol). I wish I could play more on Dust 514 though, it would be great to finally be on a squad for that and maybe learn how to not suck at that game XD

Very cool that your from Brazil! I’m from the US myself, in Washington State actually…even more specifically I live in and Island called Vashon.

I was trading im brand new to gameflip and mxrquan on xbox offer on my white zombas i said it was a good trade and he told me how gameflip worked but when i saw that it said my zombas were sold and he sent money i gave him the zombas and he left and canceled you can look he is selling them for 170$ on xbox they r pcc certified and now im broke plz help

Hey, please contact our support at support@gameflip.com,