Hi Sparkling_juice.

Hi Sparkling_juice
Are you the New MOD?
didn’t see in this forum in 2018.
Your always active, keep up the good work.


Hello @Cedric_Martinez,

I don’t think that @Sparkling_Juice is a moderator. He is very helpful, like me :wink:

He’s knowledgeable! You can message him if you need the best advice for something.

I would love to introduce myself but this is now my 3rd reply,the previous 2 not having been approved, where I want to ask how I post a topic.


I’ve got the same issue as @Hazen_Danforth. I’m new here, would love to ask some questsions but can’t make a topic. How come?

You will require the badge, it does not take long, just look through some topics/replies. You can reply to topics but unable to post until you got the badge

Xb1Boss here,
Seller since December 2020
cheers from Canada NL

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@Sparkling_Juice @DarkKnight my accountwas banned I was told I will be able to withdraw my sales proceeds on the 1st of October and solution to the mistaken/wrong ban of my account be provided but I haven’t been able to log in I still remained banned since on the 1st and it’s 3rd of October today and I am still banned.I tried to withdraw my proceeds but my account was still banned please help I have written to support 3 times no response my profile code is 44P837. Please help I am not allowed to create new topic anymore on here please help

Hello @Khalifaempire!

I have verified your ticket and can see that the Support Team is already checking your withdraw request ok.

They will answer your ticket soon.

Hope you have a great day!

Godspeed! :trident:

I have withdrawn to wise but it says in transit and it has not yet appeared it unusual what if it goes beyond 24 hours and cancels as a result of gameflip ban will I still be able to get my funds?

Hello @Khalifaempire!

That is not a problem at all.

The pending status is normal and the payout should be verified by the Financial Team soon ok.

As informed to you before, the payout would be authorized after a certain date, so you will receive your payout normally.

Godspeed! :trident:

@Sparkling_Juice @DarkKnight
i still have not had a response from support after submitting proof in a dispute around 10 days ago, can someone look at this please?

Hello @krnlshop!

I answered you through the PM you sent me.

Godspeed! :trident: