Holding for 7 days?

So ive sold over $1k worth of stuff and that was in a low 30s for listings. Ive never had a bad feeback or problem. Why is all.my stuff being held for a entire week. Even the $5 sales
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Reason i stopped selling on Ebay is cuz of this type of stuff why do i auto deliver yet end up waiting lile 8 or 9 days cuz buyers never leave reviews

Hey Decisive_Gaming,

Depending on your past selling record, i.e. how many items you sold through your Gameflip account and what types of items you are selling, your cash from sale proceeds could be held for a few hours to a few days.

As you establish a good selling record over a period of time, the amount of days that the cash from completed sales is held will be reduced and may even be instantly available.

The information above can be found in the following link :wink:

Also, I see in your account that you recently sold forbidden Gift Cards!

Please read the following link and see the currently allowed non-gaming Gift Cards:

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Did they pay you your money after it cleared? Was you able to withdrawl? I read some bad reviews bout gameflip not letting people withdraw.

Did you have any issues withdrawing your money after it clears? I also sold a lot and read bad review of gameflip not allowing people to withdrawl

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Also getting Very concerned about my money not being able to be withdrawn