My Sales Proceeds is pending for 7 days need help please !

Hello everyone,
Yesterday i intended to start seling on gameflip what happened is the first tansaction completed by the buyer gameflip gives me 7 days to proceeds my payments and they are pending right now
Please i really need to get at max 24 hours to have my payments withdraw to build my buisness as well
Please any action will really helps me to move on with seeling gift card with your website !
You may check the screen shot attached
My code XML341
Tank you so much

the more you sell
the less time it takes to get your money

Ramy handmlk hyatek,:fire::fire::fire:

Everybody has to go through this process, the more you sell the lower the number of days. It’s kinda weird on why u put all/most of your starting capital into one listing. You should put your eggs into multiple basket and not one.

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