How Do You Get Your Price Lower

I,ve Always Been Woundring How do people get there price below 2.01$ It makes me only be able to post it for 2.01$ im confused

Hey, are you using the website our any of our apps?

this happens to the mobile app… u can’t place price lower than $2.01 for listing.
I have also realized that some people can list the item which market value is lower than $1.01 but I can’t.
i.e. item market value is $0.50 , user able to list it for $2.00

Within the web browser you are able to list with the values you told ($1.01 and above).

I’ll investigate this issue on mobile.

Can you tell me what is your cellphone model and what OS are you using?

im using iphone5 with iOS 10.3.2

Im not sure if there is any updated version of the Gameflip app but I’m using the 1 which was updated/released to iTunes on 17 May 2017.

I’ve actually seen this also, I just figured it was the systems way of saying you couldn’t go below $2 for fee reasons.