Feedback ratings

Why is the system now giving me ‘feedback score too low’ messages when I try to comment when it never did before? How do I comment or make offers to buy, which will raise my score, if I can’t communicate…?? Help me

Were you using the website, iOS app, or Android app when you got that error?

Since last week, users need at least 5 feedback score to comment instead of 1. It’s to curb the comment scammers, but it does hurt legitimate users like yourself.

What is your current feedback score? You can buy or sell so you get enough positive feedbacks in order to make listing comments again.


My current score is 3, and it does effect me because I can’t make offers or try to negotiate a better price because I can’t talk. Just seems like you’re burning the field rather than pulling the weeds. I see obvious scam comments all the time yet I as a legitimate customer am penalized… Not cool

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I agree, me being a new customer not able to comment or contact anyone is crazy!! I’m forced to buy/sell a certain amount before i am able to leave legit feedback? You all need to implement a better process here instead of punishing legit customers, or I just won’t do business here.

i was just looking for this its a little ridiculous iam trying to negotiate and i cant on bigger purchases and iam pretty turned off by using gameflip because of this i understand what they are trying to do but shouldn’t verifying your id and etc be enough?? now i just gotta pay full price because i cant say hey id like to offer “this much”