Need to be "ID verified" to comment

Hello, I understand the new requirement to comment. It really cuts down on scammers imitating a transaction message, and tricking a new seller into believing their item has sold. I am 100% for scammer prevention.

My only issue is this. I need to become ID verified in order to comment. I have 550+ score, 100% positive. I’m obviously not a scammer, but I also don’t want to send a picture of my driver’s license, and me holding it, to Gameflip.

What am I to do? I would like to comment. Sometimes, I like to bargain with the seller. I guess I’ll never be able to comment unless I get my identification verified.

The reason I’m making this thread is that I believe there should be a trust system. If you get up to a certain positive score for your Gameflip profile, let’s say 100+, you can still comment.

Thanks for reading.


They don’t let you comment if your account is not verified while they let a lot of fake accounts that got registered this month with 0 feedback and their account is not verified to spam the site with fake listings of $100 and $200 gift cards!

Man, i sent to them alot of pics and they rejected so many times i give up lol but ima try to add funds i think it will work who knows