Id Verify Complaint..

Hello Gameflip,

Im member in your gameflip site since two years ago. Im using gameflip as buyer(often) and seller. Nowadays since new update released there is some of problem restricting use as gameflip member. The verified id system which is asking for face selfie holding your id document was annoying rule. Just before i already verify my id and sending copy of my id document to gameflip. Later more updates come requesting more verification.

Since last week I cant no longer drop any comment if i want purchasing something from a seller. This was hard dealing process and much difficult from the past.


You can simply get a small paper Type on it ’ for Gameflip 8/26/2019, also get a good camera and get a cool pic with you holding it with your id card they will accept it within 1 day or less So you can sell or buy again!