5 sales to comment is Smart!

I love the steps being taken to slow/stop the scammers.

However I think we need even more. Most scammers will just use fake accounts to give themselves 5 sales so they can comment their scam comments.

I think the new ID verification is very smart as well, but I think we still need more. Like do this, every single account needs to be verified with ID, and once you use your ID for an account, you cannot use it for another account. Only issue with this will be fake IDs which Im not sure how you guys verify they are real but, if you have a good system this would MASSIVELY stop scammers.

But these new steps you guys are taking are greatly appreciated to keep away those pesky scammers!

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I agree that measures need to be taken to prevent scamming. However, there needs to be a system to allow buyers to contact sellers consistently. I just had an issue with a seller cancelling my sale and I had no way to ask him any questions because I have a new account - an account I just created because I saw something that I wanted to get. I am: NEW. Everyone starts with a new account. Not everyone with a new account is a scammer, and as you noted scammers will work to find a way around the present restriction. 5 sales to comment might be a good thing, but no way to contact a seller if you are new? That is not good at all, and as a person who was just introduced to GameFlip for the first time, I’m not sure if I can make use of this sell/buy system like I was hoping when I have no way to communicate to sellers just because I am new. So just saying - I can see where 5 to comment is helpful, but PLEASE add a way for folks to communicate directly with sellers. Even new folks. My first experience here was really negative because I was not given a way to contact the seller. [I have not heard about the new ID verification. Maybe because I haven’t tried to sell anything? Though after this experience I don’t think I will, if potential buyers can not contact me that is problematic. I hope that is fixed soon.]

I’m glad the system continues to improve. It seems like a great start.

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I understand what your saying but the reason they dont allow new accounts to comments is because of new people like yourself getting scammed. If someone is easily able to contact a new buyer/seller from a fresh account, they can easily send you scam messages pretending to be Gameflip and tell you your item has been sold and to send them the item to receive payment.

In fact my 1st sale here, 50$ crimson equalizer wheels day 1 of release, got scammed this way. The scam looks like a gameflip “notification” but its actually just the user commenting, it looks believable to new users.

So in order to combat that, there has to be some type of restrictions on contact or the EXACT same issue they are stopping, will persist. Yes the scammers will use there fake accounts to give other fake accounts the sales anyways and comment with scams anyways, but at least this way, gameflip can catch more of the fake accounts to get them banned.

I can see your frushtration not being able to contact a seller, but you can contact them in the private messages after you purchase an item which is the safest way for new users at this time.

I thank you for your response. (I’ve actually seen a few of your other posts and you seem to be a voice of reason around here.) I can definitely understand restricting public comments, and your post clarifies the dangers of private messaging/emailing.

I understand what you are saying, especially about spoofing the emails. You can warn people of such tactics but it’s hard to warn all the new people right away. I used to do a lot of selling and some buying on eBay. My account had a great rating, and I sold stuff for a few years. But even with all that experience I’d occasionally get bit by a bogus seller or a scam buyer.

But this was my first experience here. The guy cancelled my purchase and I had no way of communicating with him. The fact that I clicked on buy and put in a credit card that was chargeable should have given me some status to privately message the seller even after they cancelled me. I did not see that option. Cancel apparently blocks me out completely. (Well, maybe not on a mobil, which I just found out about. But feedback is probably a one-shot chance to say something and I’m waiting for GameFlip to respond to my ticket before I consider going through the hassle of installing a mobil app I don’t really need in order to give this guy feedback.)

Maybe they could allow messaging in some non-email format and surround it with warnings or something about not doing any transactions outside of GameFlip.

Please confirm that most transactions here go through without a hitch. I was actually thinking that this place might be a good place to sell/buy but I’m still feeling quite burnt.

May be it’s a blessing for you that he cancelled as most experience buyers do research and read listings carefully before making purchase. Buyers who don’t read carefully often cancel or try to dispute afterward.

Anyhow, even with warnings about comments, there’re still plenty of newbie sellers fall for the comment notification tricks. It’s unfortunate, but there’re a lot of people out there who don’t spend time to read or simply just ignore those warnings. They of course end up blaming Gameflip for their carelessness :slight_smile: after getting scammed.

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Thanks for the response. Im just a normal guy here I have no authority over the forums nor the website I just call it like I see it in most cases. Which would never make me a good MOD because I’d tell people how it is instead of the script most companies want u to say.

In your case yes it sucks to not have contact. Currently there is no way to satisfy both ends of the situation. The bigger end in the scammers. Most buyers have no issues with their purchase so in a majority aspect, you dont matter atm. Not that “you dont matter” but there are bigger things in works to help prevent you from getting scammed than “needing to contact seller” for 1 of 5 sales.

These actions they are taking are well welcomed within the community because we ALL have been scammed … maybe not all but at LEAST 70% of new users.

If they let new users contact eachother it just keeps the same issue we have already.

I know it sucks but please try to understand, which you have in your response, understand why they are not allowing it. It dont matter if you needed a top flight security card to message someone, if ur new or they are new, u can be scammed.

Give them time Im sure they are working on a better functionality for the seller/buyer ratio n versa.

I fully agree.

As I said in my reply, I was scammed that way my 1st sale here. Never again.

The warnings were there but I was so new to the website I was looking at everything else but the warnings. Which the warnings should be enough but human attentavness cannot be equated into the solution.

I’m a little confused at your response. I wanted the item as described and paid for the item. Maybe I’m not an experienced buyer here yet, but I don’t think I made a mistake to try to buy what he posted. Unless I was supposed to be suspicious of the months old comments on the auction where he was trying to sell less of the posted item(s) due to shipping concerns, yet apparently never adjusted the post after that didn’t happen. Oh and I paid for it via GameFlip and GameFlip to their credit has already reversed the charge.

Honestly they should make it 1 purchase at least i just want to get one or two things now ima be forced to buy more then i wanted :confused: