5 Star rating before being able to comment

Could someone explain why when I try to send a comment it pops up saying I need to have a 5 star rating? In the past that didn’t matter and plus I noticed others could still comment without that particular rating.

Does it say 5 star or 5 ratings? I’m not sure, but I think user needs to have at least five transactions completed (EDIT: with good rating) before being able to comment listings. It’s there to prevent comment scammers (new accounts with single purpose to impersonate Gameflip). Why do you need to comment listings? This thing is not available on some of most famous marketplaces, we should be grateful we can comment at all.

If it is for price negotiation, I personally consider it very rude to ask for a discount if buyer is someone who bought 0-2 items from seller who’s listing he is commenting. With regulars, that’s a different story. So I’m pretty good with users not able to comment without enough transactions. Five is too low, if you ask me.

In your Gameflip profile it shows you your feedback Score. Before you needed at least 1, now you need at least 5 to comment on listings.

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