How to get and give feedback score?

hello, good day, im new here, so i need to know how to get and leave feedback, because i recentlly bought 2 keys cs go from a seller, and i dont see any options to give feedback, and im afraid seller cannot give feedback to me too. Trade was done in bot trading.
Thanks in advance.

You should be able to go to the purchase tab, click the item and you should see something that said you received the item. Once you click that you can pick from 3 different color faces aka feedback. If you want you can type feedback too. After that just click the complete transaction.

Only complete it after you have received and made sure the codes (make sure to put the code on your account) or items (make sure it was the item you wanted in game)


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hello, thanks for your fast reply!
as you can see on my screenshoot, i dont see any options to leave feedback sir.
or do i need to do manual transaction? my last transaction was using trading bot.

When you go to the purchase tab does it say complete?

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yes it say complete

If its like this this mean the full translation is complete.
You dont need to do anything more.

I never bought from a bot before so I don’t know how / if you can rate them. They may automatic get a positive rating after the 3 day wait. You may get the positive rating after the 3 day too.

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aah ok then i guess im not gonna get the feedback lol thank you !

@DunnBiscuit will give you a better answer being I don’t understand how bot work nor do I know if you get rate from them or have to wait for a rating.
Dunn will be on very soon.

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ok thanks for your help!

Anytime @Nab0k

Thank you for using Gameflip, for using the forums.

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@DunnBiscuit hello sir can you help me?

Hey, neither the buyer nor seller can rate for bot delivery items.

In the past you could, but they removed the feature when they redid the rating and dispute systems within the past year or so.

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Thank you sir!

@000 answered for me, haha.

Thanks guys!

Hi I have a question I bought something and wanna contact the buyer but I can’t because I need feedback score so how do I get it and is it possible to get without selling a item?And how do I message someone or start messaging someone.thank you have a good day

who is the store he may be here and what ur massage make post here for it and wait