Can not add price in Gameflip Android App


Here to report bug that is on Android Mobile Apk.
NOTE: My Gameflip is updated to latest version of Apk.

While trying to add price it goes to 0,00 and after trying to input any number anywhere it just sends you to end of 0,00| like this.
That is long time problem and sorry for letting you know after few years.

Hope it will get fixed so I and other sellera can use Apk not just browser!

HellFire Game Shop Admin, Daba.

don’t trust apk that much, they removed the gameflip app from google play store and this could mean there won’t be updates anymore for the android app, the app is working nice on iOS app, i can add price, edit price, create listing, edit listing and manage sold listings

iOS app only requires the free space to download and install and iOS 12 or later to run, iPhone 5S is enough to use iOS 12 or later to run gameflip mobile app and you can get this phone for just $100 or even less like $50


I am saying I do not use apk but would love to. I got iPhone XS but it’s not my main phone so for me its easier to just use browser.

Thanks for trying to help but my point is that they should fix app.

I was hoping for that. :hugs:

HellFire Game Shop Admin, Daba.

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yes, you mentioned you use apk

its like the best iphone if you want to use iOS 12, any later one won’t be even compatible with iOS 12 but there is no issue in using a later iOS version.

it may take sometime but iOS is easier to learn how to use than android, the iOS firmwares is the same for any iPhone model, nothing about custom ROM

in addiction, i already used both and i have some experience with iOS and android. i’m using iOS since 2016 and i noticed both devices has their CONS and PROS

and the first PRO, regarding your issue, iOS apps don’t really need to be updated, apple automatically update all apps from app store to run on the latest iOS, its easier to notice this when you look at the update history of the oldest apps on the app store, apps that the developer doesn’t even care anymore



Can you tell me will apk ever be fixed? I used it 2018. it was super easy to work, reply to people etc.
Now I gotta use browser to check messages and notifications while on apk I was receiving notifications.

Also thank you or whoever allowed me to sell few other food gift cards.

Also is op_joker still boss or that is you with other alias?

Thank you,

Hello @HellFireGS!

Sorry to hear about your issue.

Have you opened a ticket for this issue?

If not, please open one and add a screen recording of the issue you are having so the team could take a look ok.

Regarding the forum Admins, me and @MajorTom are the ones currently giving active support and @Sparkling_Juice is our forum helper.

Godspeed! :trident:


@DarkKnight help please can you un fraud my account it says fraud my username is Sosazak0420 I need help as soon as u can provide it and pls don’t mind this is in the wrong place on Android it doesn’t show anywhere to make my own post

Hello @papisosa!

I have verified and requested a Support Team member to send you an email with further information regarding to the unlock for this specific case.

Godspeed! :trident:

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