How i can cancel add fund on game flip

I add funds on game flip, but gameflip put under review…
In my card statement the payment is already completed
how i can cancel it, i need that money so fast
already contact customer service, but no respond…
help me with that please

Hey, can you please send me your invite code via PM so I can check it for you?

How can I PM you if I have a question?

Click on DunnBiscuit’s picture and then click on MESSAGE (orange rectangle with a white letter symbol inside). It will open a PRIVATE MESSAGE (PM) window. In that window you can tell him your invite code, which you can find in your GameFlip profile, right under your photo.

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I tried adding funds but It added the wrong currency now it says under review can you change the currency?

Hello @Jackson_Angus!

Unfortunately, once you select the currency and make the purchase, we are unable to change it on our side, but you can feel free to cancel the order and redo the purchase with the currency of your liking.

Godspeed! :trident: