I need help with my wallet

Can I please talk to somebody who runs gameflip like a costumer representative. I can’t get my wallet to add funds says it’s under review

You can find out more information about your problem below.

I have been to all the help sites and sent a email so on an so on. It’s no help I need to talk to a admin or something the site is holding $30 bucks of mine for no reason.

Okay, well a moderator will need your invite code in order to find you.

Ok an what do I just put it on here or something

Private message Dunnbiscuit with your exact problem and invite code. If you have a ticket number from support already give him that too.

Says I can’t send personal messages to that user tried for all admins an it says the same thing

Won’t let me send personal messages an I have no clue how to send private message

The forum’s antispam requires a new user to browse the forum for 15+ minutes in order to use the private message feature. After you have done so you’ll see a “Basic User” badge on your own profile, go to the moderator’s profile and click Message. If you don’t see the button then relog on the forum.

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