How long does the Payment verification usually take?

I sent the verification images as directed, which I found a little odd not gonna lie, but I understood that there are many scammers and verification helps eliminate that. I bought FIFA and the transaction went through, I was just wondering how long the identity verification will take as I would like to play as soon as possible

Let me send out the bat signal @MajorTom


@RussXB1 Thank you! But our @DarkKnight is in another topic!

@Matt_Falk Can you send me your invite code, so I can further check it for you?

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0d65450f-4151-4024-912a-fcda50f3a913, I believe that an email I received instructed me to send my government issued ID and while I understand your data is encrypted I do not feel comfortable sending a picture of that specifically, I have already sent a picture with me and the debit card, would a student ID work?

Also not sure which is invite code so I’ll send this one as well, 6CBCKK

Since you already verified your payment source, I went ahead and approved your most recent purchase.

For ID verification, we are not able to accept student IDs. Only state/country-issued ID such as a Driver’s License or Identification cards are accepted.


Thank you so much! The transaction went through and I received a working code! Much appreciated.

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