How much fees are on FLP?

Hi. Someone can tell how much fees Gameflip charges on FLP whitdrawal?
Also it can be nice that you change the fees on Bitcoin payout. 1% is to high on 500$+ payouts. A month ago i request a 2000$+ payout and GF charge me like 25$. You charge 10% for sale and also a 25$ for withdraw the money. And btw i know Gameflip uses Kraken to send the BTC. They charge you like 3$ per payout. @DunnBiscuit It will be good that you guys check that.


If you have any FLP you can preview the current “Withdrawal fee” on

Yeah i know but i don’t have FLP. I want to know that first before accepting FLP.

Really nobody knows?

Currently, 3 FLP + 1% of withdrawal amount.

Suppose you want to withdraw 100 FLP:
100 - (3 + 100*0.01) = 100 - (3 + 1) = 100 - 4 = 96 FLP is what you actually receive

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Thanks so much!!