Why bitcoin withdraw fee rates changed?

Why did you change fee rates to 2% + $ 2 in bitcoin withdrawal? Gameflip is already receiving high commissions from our product sales. However, raising the fee rates can really cause you to miss the sellers.Most sellers will not be able to profit from this change.You’d better think about it again.I think fee rates should stay at 1% . I am sure that many sellers agree with me.



Ppl already pay a lot on the subscriptions to lower the fee, pay fee to withdraw, pay fee to add funds and it just keeps raising/ making it harder for the sellers to profit. Not to mention that Paypal will be gone… It should stay at 1% really.

It’s not very smart to raise fee for Bitcoin withdraw, cause it costs $1-2 in fact and everybody know that

When i send bitcoin from my wallet it cost me 2-3$ - no metter what amount i send.

here, if i do payment from btc lets say 500$ it will cost me 7$ - already twice than should be.

  • Bitcoins work bad on gameflip, waiting days to receive payment is just not worth to use anymore here. I will move to other website as i dont sell anymore here much anyway - after last changes.

There are website where i can sell with 1% of fees + 1% of fees on withdraw.

Yes, the 1% fee is good
We have paid a fee when selling here

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@DarkKnight @op_JOkEr @MajorTom
he’s right… this is so unfair x) 8% +2 % commissions fees and adding 2% and 2usd for withdrawl. that’s too much . also talking about the payouts it has to be changed
11/13/2019 at 6:00 am UTC+1 i requested a withdrawl for $3,500.00 USD which endup in $3,428.00 (+0.387554 BTC) USD after adding to fees.
11/13/2019 at 7:37 PM i recieved the payment but it was for $3,387.81 (+0.387554 BTC)

i think this is unfair aswell. you calculating how much i would recieve in bitcoin at the time i requested the withdrawl then you send my money 15 hours later which will result in losing $$ ?it’s your fault for beign slow at the process not mine. other websites deal with this in 15-30 minutes max, at least it will be better to calculate the amount of btc to be recieved at the time you pay the transaction not when i requested the payout.


@kakarotto01 has a solid argument here. Lots of $ lost sometimes on those delays.

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and if possible increase the Bitcoin withdrawal limit per week
for example 10k or 15k

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