Is Gameflip still charging extra fee in BTC withdrawls?

the last time I made a btc cashout they rated the price 3% over market.

You are right. Although we have said this many times, they still continue. That’s why people can’t profit from sales. so many sellers went to other sites

My last withdraw on gameflip was in 2019. I just found another website, that send bitcoin instantly with 2% of fees. To bank, directly with 1% of fees and i use other website to withdraw. Gameflip i use only to buy items for cheap mostly and sell a few items. I don’t withdraw anymore from here.

Bitcoin is pain with their 2 days at week withdraw with weird fee.

Skrill and Payoneer is just rip off with double fees (once from gameflip to skrill/payoneer, second from skrill/payoneer to bank). When with SEPA, on different website i can send money to my bank only with 1% (without any extra fee) directly to my bank.