How to access comments after I complete transaction

Unfortunately I lost all the comments from the transaction and lost the codes along with it.

In a hurry a I trust the seller I completed the transaction and now I am not able to go back and look at the comments.

Codes where mentioned there. Please help.


Are you saying the buyer put the codes inside the exchange messages? You should make a support ticket and include the order ID, since only you/seller/support know the order ID.


You should submit a ticket to the support tell them that also give them your order id and they will help you out


Yes the seller put the codes in the comments as a part of a resolution we reached too. I trust the seller as I have worked with him son many occasions.

But thank you for your quick response. I have reached out to support team.

Thank you

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You are very welcome, i wish they can help you out bro!

You can still view them from the notifications.

Assuming you mean the private messages inside of a listing, you can still view the messages even if the listing is completed. Just go inside that listing through your purchases page.

But if the listing was cancelled, then you have to click on the letter sign that sits outside of the listing, in your purchases list page.