How to change bundle name? Is this allowed?

So some sellers are changing some format of listings. And I dont know how, is this against TOS of gameflip? If not, how can I do it?

This is what I mean

@MajorTom @DarkKnight

They’re probably using the API to create custom item names. It should be fine as long as the title/description accurately describes the item.

Brightcore Ore already exists in the items database, so you don’t need to make it as a bundle, unless you’re selling Brightcore Ore and something else in the same listing?

If there is a Fortnite item missing when you try to search the sellable items list, please mention it.

Hey @yousafzafar,

In this case, there is no problem.

There would be a problem, if an item was listed as another, just like @galacticarm said :wink:

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