How to get my store FEATURED

Do I pay to get it featured I want to have my store featured see if it actually will boost sales by any insane %

Effort, good service, good price, good images, fast deliveries.

Theres a banned seller in the featured section lol I’ll take his spot lmk what I need to do @DarkKnight I’ll take this guys spot !

That’s so untrue. Many of them were “delayed delivery” with bunch of bad ratings.

I tried to ask before, but only answer I ever had (even in DM’s) is “write an email to our stuff”, so I guess forum isn’t a place for questions about becoming featured store.

Hey @U.S.ArmyMP!

Glad to see you are interested in the program!

I would first like to let you know our requirements to become and maintain a Featured Store status.

As for the requirements, we ask our Featured Stores to follow these best practices:

  • Have at least 40+ positive sales on Gameflip.
  • Be under good standings with Gameflip (No provisionary or suspended accounts)
  • Keep a minimum inventory of 30 items available for sale at all times
  • Minimum inventory value of $400 if most inventory is physical items, $500 if mostly digital codes, $600 if in-game items/skins
  • Be responsive. Make sure that comments and messages from buyers are responded to in a timely manner.

If you agree to follow these basic practices, we will need the following information to go over your application for the program:

  1. How many items you think you would be listing over the next month and beyond?
  2. What type of items will you be listing? (ie. Retro, Current-Gen, etc.)
  3. What is your Website? (If applicable. ie. eBay, Amazon, etc)

Please open up a ticket with the requested information above.

God Speed! :trident:

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sent in the information wish me luck Bois!

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Sign me up lol

  1. listing Keys non stop
  2. Just Keys
  3. No website

I’d laugh if i get featured

just about to send mine too. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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