how to get proofs for steam wallet card scams

I m an enthusiastic dota 2 trader who has just started trading and buying on gameflip, valve just announced compendium so i started looking for steam cards at nice discount on gameflip as this site is the best and most genuine but every time i buy a wallet card there is a scammer who is trying to scam my money by giving away used steam codes or wrong currency steam wallet codes and its hard to prove that u haven’t used that code and u have been scammed so as a newer dota 2 trader i want to know which things i should do to avoid this kind of scamming and to save myself from this scammers

I’ve never had issue showing that a code was redeemed. Just make sure to upload the requested proof within the given dispute time. They ask for a few unedited screenshots of your account. If it’s the wrong currency it’s also quite obvious as it shows in the redemption history. The only real issue I’ve had is with codes that get removed from the account (due to a CC chargeback or whatever reason) weeks or months later. I would suggest only buying gift cards for your own account rather than as gifts for others as the amount you save isn’t worth the hassle if something like that occurs and some sellers send 4x $25 rather than $100 which just looks odd when gifting to someone.

Hello! Also, you can ask the Steam support team for the code(s) activation time(s). This help our support team a lot when investigating such cases.