I can’t add photos to a listing?

I’ve purchased from Gameflip a good few times and thought I might try to sell as well.
Unfortunately I can’t add photos to my listing?
Can anyone help please?

Its weird that you cant add pictures to your listings.

Have you tried adding them on Bundles/Bms? There are a few items allowed to add pictures.

Does this text appears to you?

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Hi, thanks for reply.
No, I haven’t tried bundle yet as it’s specific items that I am going to sell.
I don’t get that text or screen either.
When I’m building the ad I hit the “add photo” icon and it looks like it’s going to happen but just doesn’t … very confusing.

Hi, may i ask you if your trying to do this? If it isnt loading maybe its or either your internet or the pictures are too heavy

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Hi All
Managed to sort it. Apparently I had to give the app access to my camera. Noob of me maybe, but thought it would automatically have access to my image file without giving access to camera.
Thanks for help :+1::+1::sunglasses:

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If you ask forum moderators, maybe they can help