I got poor rating.

I sold PGI Ringside set to someone. and the guy who bought said its used code. I’v checked and I’v listed it by mistake. the replacement was send 2-3 mins after. He claimed that code is working and he gave me poor rating telling me “he gives me used code and after i contact him about the issue he says me scammerand reported me! . do not buy code from him. ratings are not true i think be careful” In Poor rating… I have double apologized, gave a reason too. and they still dont appreciate my hard work… can somehow that poor rating be removed. It ruins my profile… I have over 2.3K goods… If can not be, then its a lesson i need to learn…

Give your invite code so the mods can identify you on the site, and the Order ID of the sale with the bad rating so they know exactly where to look.

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