Disputs. and newbies scammers..


I would like if some of admins can respond to this https://prnt.sc/kxjujc , I got poor rate cuz he tried to scam me for one more code , when i told him that i gonna contact suport he instantly closed disput and rated me bad…


Leave your Invite Code in next reply and wait for moderators reply.



My code is : M7VDTH …



I was able to remove the rating you told.



Can u check the inbox that u send u about disput ? I would really appreciate that.


Would appreciate if u could check ur inbox … i send u proofs about scammer that opened disput on code that works… he took it and opened disput. i dont want to lose my 50 bucks… i lost a lot alrdy cuz that…now i started to recording all codes that i posting .


Hello, I’ll be checking it as soon as possibl.

Thank you!