I got scammed as a seller

i sold my 800 sleek to Daniel Sadler, he bought my sleek and my shadow shard at the same time and after I dropped the sleek and then pressed sent he asked me on the gameflip site to drop the shadow, but i told him I want to finish the sleek first so i don’t get scammed but he again told me to drop it. So then 2 of his friends join and just stand around watching then the buyer left then his friends, I confronted him on my shadow shard post which i just cancelled after he called me a scammer.
I have never been scammed on this site not once, now I pressed sent after dropping and it won’t let me cancel so i have no idea what to do he obviously won’t rate and get me paid now. I won’t lie im pretty mad right now i never thought that this happens on this site.

please mods help somehow

Unfortunately this happens all the time. Are you able to talk to the buyer rationally and come to closure? Do you have evidence of you dropping the item and him picking it up? Did you record the transaction? This is all crucial for the support team to make a decision on your case.

Leave your invite code in this thread and prepare evidence against the buyer if you can, thanks!

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