I got suspended for id verification?

Hey recently i have been trying to verify my account to get more trust on gameflip. My first 2 apply was cancelled due to wrong address after that i have corrected my address and reapplied and now i got suspended for no reason i know. It feels really bad since i have been working with gameflip for quite a while with more than 900 positive feedbacks. Please help me with this as soon as possible

Invite code : 73U8HQ

Ok after a little heart attack i got my account unsuspended out of nowhere :d but i still need answers why didnt my application got accepted this time? All of my information is true as far as i know

I have been asked to type my phone number and email from gameflip. But these take so long to process its been more than a week since this problem started and the customer service is too slow. Please help me with these @DunnBiscuit @DarkKnight @MajorTom

Hello Furkan_Erol!

I verified your account and it is currently up and available.

The system automatically suspended you and one of our admins lifted the suspension, since you were given a second chance.

Also, checked your ID application and it was approved!!!

God speed!

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