I need help me plss . added address Bitcoin

so i have added address bitcoin my account . plss check help me my account
my information i have added
my ID P52CFE

Hello LongNhizz,

Please try and issue your Bitcoin application again verifying with the following link:

God speed!

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Yes i have try but always errror :frowning: i dont know why :frowning:

Vào Thứ Tư, 29 tháng 5, 2019, DarkKnight via Gameflip Forums gameflipapp@discoursemail.com đã viết:

Could you please PM me the screenshots of your error, so we could help you further?

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here my derror check help me plss

my address >> 1 week but always pending it

Hi there,

First your application for BTC payout is “Under review”.
Second you can only withdraw 100 USD + and you have fee rates on your right side of screenshot.

Btw your application should be reviewed soon. Be patient please.

Site tell just 1 ~ 2 day to complete but now >>> 1 week i not see it

@LongNhizz The Bitcoin-verifications seem to take quite long lately.
I submitted my documents on May 17 and it’s still pending.

Got this reply 6 days ago:

Your bitcoin application is on our review queue, as soon as you have been approved you will receive a notification about it, unfortunately, these reviews are taking longer due to internal matters

(Reference: ID-Verification for Bitcoin-Withdrawal pending since May 17, 2019)

check help me plsss :frowning: why it

You need at least $100 to withdraw in Bitcoin

Oh noo my account always pending can check help my account plsss @DarkKnight