ID-Verification for Bitcoin-Withdrawal pending since May 17, 2019


Just requested verification for Bitcoin withdrawals around 1 week ago and it hasn’t been processed yet.
How long did the verification-process take for you? The Gameflip-support seems to be quite busy at the moment. :frowning:
The normal verification of my Gameflip-account only took less than 1 day.

Code: XDJ19V

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Looks like everybody having the same problem.

Well, the PayPal-Withdrawals got confirmed now but the Bitcoin Withdrawal verification is more important :frowning:

Yeah, I’ve only got about 350$ I want to withdraw but I am new here and to be honest this is a red flag for me.

My ticket just got answered.

Your bitcoin application is on our review queue, as soon as you have been approved you will receive a notification about it, unfortunately, these reviews are taking longer due to internal matters

Hope it will be reviewed soon - however I wouldn’t call it a “red flag” as it’s always possible for things to take longer. When did you submit your verification-request?

Looks like there are quite a few applications as I’m still waiting to get approved (day 18) - hopefully it won’t take much longer.

New ticket-ID: #442043
Code: XDJ19V

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