I need urgent help

My gameflip account got suspended and I was supposed to be getting a refund it’s been 3 days and i haven’t gotten a refund for the thing i was about to buy i bought the item via debit card and my account just got suspended will i still receive my refund?

why your account get suspended ?

because If you scammed someone by the purchase you are talking about then you may not receive the funds.

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No i bought a code then it requested for identification and it said 7 days to review request so i canceled that then just pressed refund and it said refund successful and i bought it via debit card and i haven’t recieved anything about my refund

Hey seaszns,

It’s sad to hear you got suspended :sleepy:

Could you please PM me your invite code or email linked to the account so I could have a further look?

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@DarkKnight @MajorTom

Hey guys bad news, the scammer is trying to scam others again with a new account

check the profile link



Thank you usergx. That user was banned.

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Are you sure ? @MajorTom

Cuz usually when Dunn bans someone their profile is removed.

Yep, we are sure. Some changes were made and we are adapting it to not display suspended users pages like before.

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Oh, ok thanks. Good to know

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