Gameflip is holding my $200 from me

I bought white zombas and though some miss understanding, I couldn’t receive them and I opened a dispute. Then since gameflip took so long to refund me, I went to my back to open a dispute there and get my money back. The bank successfully received my money back. During that time I found another pair of white zombas which I had purchase and received. Then gameflip suspended my account. So I made a new one to sell the zombas. Finally sold them for about $200 and decided to withdrawal the money from Gameflip to my bank account. Gameflip realized I was the same person they suspended before so they suspended my new account as well. They canceled the withdrawal and now the money’s just sitting in the wallet I can’t withdrawal from because I’m suspended. So my money that I earned legally is being held my Gameflip. From the time I tried to transfer the money out of my wallet to my bank account till now has been about 12 days. Gameflip has only responded to me once saying I made “Fraudulent Claims”

My invite code: 4AHJRK

Hi Kevin, what is your Gameflip invite code? It can be found on your account profile page. If you provide it here, when an admin sees it, they can use it to look up your account directly to see what’s going on.

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Hello @Kevin_Banes,

After reviewing your case, unfortunately we cannot lift the suspension of your account. You made a charge back which can set a suspension on your account since it may be a fraudulent claim.

As I saw within your ticket, the case is closed.