Gameflip steals money

"No user should be concerned of not being paid out if they sold items on Gameflip. Payouts are being processed from oldest to newest, so whenever you request a payout it will be placed in a queue for fulfillment.

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Thank you!" Said by Gameflip, yet they still hold $200 from me from items I sold because they wrongfully suspended my account and will not listen to a word I say. By doing so, they believe it’s “okay” to keep my money.

how do you know they suspended your account??

What was the reason for the account suspension? If you link the account we can view what you sold and might be able to help provide a reason. (random keys, beta codes, etc.) While I’ll admit I’m not pleased with the payment issues they aren’t banning accounts with much higher amounts. This likely means your issue is not connected to the issue that post was created for.

Did you sold steam keys? Sometimes games with activated key revoking from game library and they suspending your account.

I did a chargeback on a “purchase” at the bank because I never got the item. So Gameflip said that it was fraudulent. Now they are taking the money that I earned from items I sold. I sold white zombas to a person, he now has the Zombas but I still don’t have my money from that trade from about a month ago. I didn’t do anything fraudulent. Everyone has their items or money except me from all my transactions.

And Gameflips support team just copy and pastes the same answer to anyone that has a similar problem. Never once has it seemed like they actually read what I said.

Now they have begun to just close my tickets without even a response

when you not or never got the item your purchase, better you resolved that first with gameflip or seller, i dont know. without doing chargeback.

By charging back, you are reporting your bank that you have an issue with a purchase, thus you skipped any help from us. Any account that charges back is suspended by our system, and those accounts can only be unsuspended IF the charge backs are cancelled.